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Confirmation of Payee (CoP)

The deadline to implement a Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service is 31st October 2024 which is fast approaching. If you're not sure of the best way forward, then talk to us. will help you determine the best way of participating, either directly or via a PSP Aggregator (we're happy to support both models).

Fully managed SaaS solution, providing you with a simple way to meet your Confirmation of Payee needs.

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an account name-checking service designed to help reduce misdirected payments and provide greater confidence that payments are being sent, and collected from, the intended account holder for UK domestic payments.

CoP allows an account name to be checked before a payment is initiated or collected. It’s an API based peer- to-peer service, without the need for central infrastructure.

Benefits of CoP

CoP is an important tool in the fight against the rise of APP fraud (Authorised Push Payment fraud). APP fraud happens when a fraudster tricks someone into sending a payment to an account outside of their control. There are more incidents of fraud than any other crime type in the UK, with App fraud accounting for 40% of fraud losses in 2022 (nearly £500 million). 

Prevent Fraud

CoP has been proven to reduce Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud and invoice related fraud.  

Reduce Mis-directed Payments

Allow an account names to be checked before 
a payment is initiated or collected.

Account Holder Confidence

Provide greater confidence that payments are being sent, and collected from, the intended account holder.

Reduced Losses

Provides a deterrent to fraudsters, helping to protect PSPs and their customers from financial losses.


tell.confirm is a fully managed SaaS solution, providing PSPs and Financial Institutions and their partners with a simple, effective, and fast way to meet their Confirmation of Payee obligations.


Certified to meet Pay.UK standards, the service can be configured to support ‘CoP Requester’, ‘CoP Responder’ and ‘Payer Name Verification’ services individually or as a combined package.

Prevent Fraud

CoP has been proven to reduce Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud and invoice related fraud.


Dedicated project planning, implementation and support resource (including Pay.UK engagement).


Conformance testing via intuitive simulator and sandbox.

Certification and Pay.UK acceptance testing.

Dynamic Onboarding

Establishing and maintaining connectivity with other participants through Dynamic Client Registration.

Regulatory Reporting

Pre-built reporting that meets Pay.UK and PSR MI Data Collection requirements

Monitoring & Support

Full service monitoring and 24x7 out of hours support

Real Time or Decoupled

Responder service that can operate via real time integration or secure batch depending on your requirements

Matching Logic

Simplified risk based decisioning engine providing requesters with lightning fast responses in line with agreed risk profiles 

How do I participate in Confirmation of Payee?

You can participate directly, or via an Aggregator.

Direct Model

As a regulated and approved Payments Service Provider (PSP), you can participate in CoP directly, by building in-house or by partnering with an approved CoP provider such as

Aggregator Model

Introduced by Pay.UK to provide a simpler model that should support a larger number of organisations to participate in CoP.
Under this model, an Aggregator like can provide CoP services to PSPs and corporate organisations.

Participation Model

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Your fully managed SaaS CoP solution


All of your MI and reporting requirements are built-in, so you can gain intelligence on what’s happening at any given time by simply clicking a button, saving time,
money and resources.


Choose CoP Requester (outbound), CoP Responder (inbound), or both, with a range of configuration
options to suit your needs. Picking the service you need means you won’t have any unnecessary costs and
implementation time.


We’ve built the Confirmation of Payee name matching service with a configurable client level risk profile, designed to meet the needs of your business, adding an extra layer of protection where
you need it most.


Big or small, tell.confirm
can handle them all. Whether it’s real-time CoP checking or processing large batches of payments, our Confirmation of Payee service has the technical capability built in.

The team has made implementing CoP services really straight forward. Their technology, together with a really supportive implementation team enabled us to implement requester and responder services quickly and effectively.
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