Welcome to tell.

The Open Banking Lite Platform

The PSD2 Challenge

Many companies are struggling to meet the regulatory requirements of PSD2 to provide a “dedicated interface”, with little understanding of what’s involved, why they are doing it, and how much it will cost.

tell.connect api offers organisations an easy to implement, low cost PSD2 solution giving you time and assurance.

Scalability built in.

Cloud First Build

Designed from the outset to be cloud based. The solution is infinitely scalable and has disaster recovery built in.

If you want to run the platform and build upon it yourself, well that’s easy too!

Fast Set-up & Implementation.

PSD2 in 5 minutes

Your branded secure PSD2 environment can be live within 5 minutes. All that’s left to do is the part you know best...

Deliver your services.

PSD2 compliance is now affordable

Comply & Compete

Right now you may simply be concerned about meeting your regulatory obligations and haven’t begun to start thinking about the commercial benefits of open banking.

By making compliance simple and affordable, tell.connect lets you concentrate on your core business, whilst opening the possibilities to leverage open banking.

PSD2 Compliance off the shelf

The team behind tell.connect has over 20 years experience running businesses in financially regulated markets, across banking, payment processing, e-money issuance, acquiring, compliance and financial technology. We understand the challenges you may be facing, ranging from financial to technical. This is why we have created tell.connect - to take away the pain in a market we know intimately.

The Gateway

A microservice, cloud-based Gateway. Its fast, scalable, resilient and has disaster recovery built in.

TPP Management & Validation

Don’t know what’s involved, how to do it or how much it costs? Don’t worry – we do all this for you as standard.

Fast Custom Integration

The tell.connect team are integration specialists, having integrated our solutions with organisations of all sizes globally. We will have you compliant in no time.

Branded Developer Portal

We provide your one stop branded PSD2 compliant developer portal – simply link to it from your website.

FCA compliant reporting built in

This is a complex area. The good news is that we have done the thinking already, compliant reporting is built in.

Secure Consent Management

We will manage all of your TPP account holder consents so you don’t have to.