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Last Updated: 12th February 2024

Version: 1.9

The Service Terms below govern your use of the tell.gateway Services, referred to hereafter as Gateway. The Terms & Conditions shall apply to all provision of services by Tell. Capitalised terms used in these Service Terms but not defined below are defined in the Terms & Conditions.

By subscribing to Gateway on the Tell Website and clicking the check box to acknowledge these terms, these Service Terms shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Client. You represent to us that you have legal authority to bind the entity on behalf of which you are acting.


1. Introduction

The Gateway enables Account Providers to comply with the requirement for a dedicated interface under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, and equivalent regulatory frameworks and amendments as may apply from time to time.

The Service provides TPPs with access to a Client's resources, where the TPP is acting as AISP and/or PISP on behalf of a User of the Client's products. The Client is responsible as an ASPSP, or as an agent or outsourced provider to the regulated ASPSP, to make available a dedicated interface for such purposes, and the TPP may use the Gateway for such a purpose. A TPP can access a developer portal, connect to sandbox and production environments, access support and assistance for integration, and perform TPP activities on behalf of its Users.


Gateway includes a range of features and services required to develop, support, and operate a dedicated interface and the technical and regulatory rigours that are required.

2. Direct & Managed Clients

Where the Client has contracted separately with an Integration Partner for the provision of services enabling the Client's account / payment programme, the Client shall be deemed to be a Managed Client for the purposes of these Service Terms. In this scenario, the Client's Integration Partner has contracted with Tell for the provision of the Gateway service.


Where a Client has contracted directly with Tell, the Client shall be deemed to be a Direct Client.

3. Subscription Packages

The Client may choose from a range of Subscription Packages, each with its own set of features and Charges. The terms, features, level of support, automation and volumes permitted are determined by the "Subscription Package" and are defined in these Service Terms.


4. Dedicated Interfaces

A Dedicated Interface is provided for single instance of a Client's end-user brand and product variant. A separate Dedicated Interface is required for each brand and product, and each regulatory regime under which it is provided. For example, if a Client operates under two brand names, both in the United Kingdom and the European Union, then four Dedicated Interfaces may be required.


5. Features

Depending on the Subscription Package to which the Client has subscribed, Gateway may provide some or all of the following features;

6. Conformance Certification

Where the Client has subscribed to a Subscription Package that includes Conformance Certification, Tell will conduct testing in conjunction with the Client prior to go-live of a Dedicated Interface. The Client is required to provide relevant access to its User accounts in order to facilitate testing. On successful completion of end-to-end testing by Tell, the Client will be issued with a Certificate of Conformance, which may be digital or physical as may vary from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, Tell is in no way obligated to issue a Certificate of Conformance and will only do so where all tests have been successfully satisfied, at its sole discretion.


The existence of a Certificate of Conformance shall not be confidential and Tell shall be permitted to inform the Client's Regulatory Body or provider of regulated services, on request by either party. Tell shall also be permitted to inform the Client's Regulatory Body or provider of regulated services in the event that the Client's Dedicated Interface ceases to be conformant, at Tell's sole discretion, including where Tell revokes certification as a result of non-payment or any other breach of the Terms & Conditions.


7. Fees & Payment Terms

The Gateway is provided on a Subscription basis. The fees are dependent on the Subscription to which the Direct Client subscribes.


Direct Clients must provide their billing information in order to make use of the Services.


Where a Client is a Managed Client, all pricing shall be agreed between the Managed Client and its Integration Partner and shall be payable directly by the Managed Client to the Integration Partner. Tell shall not have any involvement in the Managed Client billing process. Tell reserves the right to charge the Client directly where payment is not made via the Integration Partner.

* Additional Dedicated Interfaces can be purchased for £500 per month

** Access for additional TPPs can be purchased for £500 per TPP per month

*** Additional consents can be purchased in batches of 500, for £125 per batch per month


Payment Terms

An invoice is issued immediately on upgrade to either Professional or Enterprise Subscription Package, with payment on 15-day payment terms, billed monthly thereafter on or near the same day of the month. Service commences on receipt of first payment.


8. Service Levels

All User support will be provided, in the first instance, by the Client. Where an enquiry cannot be resolved by the Client, or where a more in-depth analysis of the issue is required, it shall be escalated based on the Service Levels defined below.


The method of support, and the related Service Level, is determined by the Subscription Package to which a Client has subscribed. Service Levels are categorised as follows:

* Response Target indicates how long Tell will take to acknowledge a support request and commence processes for review and, where required, commence appropriate action. Business Hours are defined as Monday-Friday 09:00-17:30 UK time.

** Resolution indicates how long Tell will aim to implement a temporary "hot fix" or workaround, where a Critical System Error is identified. A Critical System Error is defined as either a failure of a major application impacting more than 20% of features, or where site security is breached, or where Client data/confidentiality is breached.


9. Publishing & Promotion

In order to provide the Gateway service, Tell is required to make certain information publicly available. Nothing in these Service Terms or Terms & Conditions shall prevent Tell from publishing information relating to the existence of the Agreement with, or Services provided to, the Client. This includes but is not limited to; Tell publishing a co-branded developer portal, Tell using the Client's name in promotional materials and press releases, Tell promoting the Service to existing and prospective Users and Clients, and otherwise communicating in relation to the Service in accordance with the Terms & Conditions and with Applicable Law.


10. Cancellation Policy

All Subscriptions shall commence on acceptance of these Service Terms and shall remain in force until cancelled in accordance with these Service Terms as follows:


Community Edition: Clients on the Community Edition may cancel at any time.


All other Editions: The Subscription is entered into for a minimum of 24 months, after which it may be cancelled at any time by giving no less than 90 day's notice in writing to Tell.

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